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I live outside USA and Canada. Can I join Evolv?
Last Updated 3 years ago

No, unfortunately, you cannot join Evolv at this time. I am truly sorry this is the case.

Problem is delivery of physical products. It has to be reliable for it to be able to sustain a residual income flow to thousands of customers. I'm big on visualization, so visualize having to deliver 10,000 bottles of any given product to the UK, or Australia, from here in the United States. Not once, that has to go out weekly, and the company has to pay out commissions. Could you imagine the logistical nightmare, and the super-high undeliverability rate, which would result in massive backcharges, and lost product?

Evolv is a relatively small company as of this writing. Once again, visualize the logistics of first, hiring a warehouse manager. Then, putting that person up in, let's say, New Zealand. They would have to set up a receiving point for initial inventory, and I can tell you now, opening a country requires a massive beginning inventory. Getting that *one* initial order through customs, taking for granted that the government allows Evolv to distribute products to their citizens. Once in the warehouse, the 25,000 to 50,000 products which were paid for, and the company is out the cash, the manager now needs to hire a staff to help sort, pack and send out to homes, and maintain the warehouse. Most likely, Evolv would need their own delivery drivers to support the local postal service in the country. This point can only be reached barring any customs/port/shipping issues. It is a many personnel, very expensive job.

Then, there is the website and local currency exchange rate. Each country would have to have its own website section to process orders that comply with address labeling. How much would a programmer cost to design, then maintain that system?

When a company reaches $100-200 million, in sales, is usually when they even consider allotting resources to launch a new country properly. I've seen companies try to go international way too soon and have to close their doors due to problems that could not be overcome once they took that premature step.

I am very sorry that we cannot do business with you, if you live outside the USA and Canada.

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