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I joined CyberWheelers and cannot find where to add my website for traffic. How do I do that?
Last Updated 5 years ago

CyberWheelers does not actually send traffic to your websites. It organizes the programs that send traffic to your websites. Add your website(s) to the traffic programs individually, then CyberWheelers makes it easy to log in, and earn traffic, and assign the traffic credits that you earn.

Don't feel overwhelmed getting this set up. First time is the most tedious. Later on it will be a matter of keeping your IDs updated as the list is improved and programs get replaced with ones that bring CyberWheelers members more value.

Take your time. Get the downline builder page updated and add your website to each traffic exchange. Have your browser remember your login for every program, then come to CyberWheelers to efficiently earn and/or buy traffic credits in some of the best low-cost advertising programs online.

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