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I missed my 28 days to reach Team Builder status, how does that affect my business?
Last Updated 3 years ago

It really doesn't. Please don't sweat it or make yourself feel down about your new Evolv business. It is merely an arbitrary incentive set by the company to excite go-getters that you refer into your network.

The difference is similar in sense that both ways of reaching 10K status, you will be up just under $1000.

For example, guaranteed bonuses are a total of $1750, but to qualify for this which extends time needed to reach 10K in sales and earn those bonuses to 84 days, requires a Team Builder Kit purchase and SBP upgrade for around $950 (experienced entrepreneurs know this is actually low cost for business startup).

$1750 - $950ish = Being up $800ish.

Without Team Builder status, and no time pressure, when you reach $10K status, you are guaranteed $600 in bonuses, and you had no cash outlay. The next ranks, $20K and above are not included in the Team Builder bonus.

The real difference = $200ish in bonuses.

Nonetheless, as long as you are consistently referring people to grow your Evolv customer network, many will jump on this creating spurts of growth in volume and commissions.

I sure as heck was glad that I stretched and made it happen. It was actually fun, especially that week the $1000 bonus kicked in!

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