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I make my own websites. How should I set up a promotional page?
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Support is extremely important in a prospect's decision to join any program, not just Evolv. As it turns out, support *is* the best-selling "product" online. Sell yourself as supportive first, and the referrals will follow! Make your availability your sales "pitch" and you gain trust as prospective customers see your websites repeatedly online.

Four elements to have on your promotional websites:

Your photo. A photo is best although a logo can work too. Network Marketing's core activity is relationship building. A photo builds trust and familiarity over time and brands you with your opportunity or service.

Contact info. Always have your name and at minimum an email address that you respond to personally. A phone number works even better. I get people who call to "test" whether I am truly available and many times they are pleasantly surprised and join the program I am recommending. This has been a key factor in the growth of my Evolv business!

Declaration of support. Your prospective customers need to know that you are going to be there when they need your help. That's why real contact info and actually *responding* to requests is important. Even if you don't know something, a simple "I don't know" or "I'm not sure" is better than no response at all. Also, speak your mind respectfully. People know when you are patronizing. Don't be a kiss-ass just to gain or make a sale. Your true opinion, even if disagreed with always earns respect.

Product or service description. Prospects have to know what you are selling too! Just saying "I will show you how to make $1000 a week. Fill out the form below"
does not work. You may get a few to do it, most likely, they will not be serious. There is too much information everywhere online and at least describing what you want them to buy or subscribe to. If there is no way to keep the visitor's attention with a link trail, it is too easy for them to google something real quick before they opt into your list to learn more. Very easy to lose a visitor.

Having all four of these elements on a webpage is more likely to generate the action you want, whether it be that they join a program or buy something from your page. Imagine that you are the visitor to a site that has an identical product description as another. One has the first three elements of a picture, contact info and support. The other is just a plain sales pitch...

Which one would you most likely sign up on?

Me too! :-)

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