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Should I register my own dot com (or a .biz .net .org - any extension), to promote through?
Last Updated 3 years ago

As an experienced, novice promoter, yes.

As a total newbie, no, not right away.

Noobs, don't wait to share because you don't understand this yet or have a domain. Just share your HeartAffiliates and EVOLV links with your contacts without delay as we want your team to begin growing immediately. Register a domain *after* you have shared your affiliate link with contacts (to get word out fast), and before you begin a broader paid advertising campaign.

My tracking link nightmare, and why I *always* promote through a domain I own...

I don't use tracking links. Online, websites build a history, get pinged and stored in many search engines and databases. I never, ever promote other websites referral links, including tracking links. I learned that lesson almost 20 years ago.

You've got to visualize me as a total newbie back then, didn't know squat, yet had good instincts. What happened was, I got all excited that a "guru" told me to use their tracking link service because, well, it's what you gotta do to promote properly and not waste resources, right?

So, I listened intently, upgraded to this genius' tracking system, and proceeded to take out ads, over $200 in ads, posting tracking links everywhere I could afford, generated 1000s of hits, and dozens of signups to programs. Boy was I excited! After all, I was doing what a PRO suggested.

Then, without an inkling of notice... their site went down 2 months later. All that money was wasted. Those tracking links weren't mine. I didn't control them. The time and money I spent promoting was just gone completely, and so was the traffic that was still coming in. Poof. Gone. I had to go back and remember where I had posted all of those links to change them to another. Impractical and I couldn't do it. Efforts were totally lost.

Owning your efforts...

Ever since then, I never ever promote or share any links that I do not own. I don't promote affiliate links, not even my own HeartAffiliates links (for most paid adverts). Had I used my own domain for that promotion, I could've logged into it and changed the site that is receiving traffic, so when the tracking link savant's website went down, those links I posted everywhere would still work for me and not be a total loss. at one time was just a domain that I promoted through. I created page frames with optimized meta tags for every program I was promoting. They looked like this (visual examples don't work):


After a couple of years, and moving up my learning curve, and getting better at marketing, I hired a programmer, and put together my first referral system on CyberWheelers. Instead of starting promotions from scratch, I had an instant platform via the affiliate links I posted in 100+ places for over a year, by making all of my previously posted links display my new member website on my CyberWheelers domain!

I didn't have to go find all of those links and change them one by one. Instead, I logged into my domain, changed the page in the files, save, and in a couple of minutes, Wherever those links were showed the website I wanted them to show!

If I had been using tracking links, or just promoting affiliate links, none of the year's previous advertising efforts would have benefited me in the present moment. It magnified my new advertising campaigns by piggy-backing on previous promotions. No one explained any of this to me. Learned it on my own through trial and error.

Now it is back on you. If you cannot visualize the above scenario. If registering a domain seems like a giant hill to climb and creates stress in your brain, skip that step for now. Clearly, you are not ready for it, and that is perfectly ok.

If you *can* visualize it, and it *excites* you to think about promoting trough your own domain, go for it! You are ready for that step.

As much as I like you guys promoting HeartAffiliates, CyberWheelers, BionicHits, i'd rather you move past promoting those links and promote them through *your own* domain!

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