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Evolv Free Affiliate | Social Business Partner (SBP) | Team Builder, what's the difference?
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Free Affiliates are essentially customers who earn from customers, and they do not participate in the residual and team-building aspect of the Evolv Network Marketing opportunity.

Free Affiliates do *not* have to make a product purchase to get paid from referring customers via their affiliate links, and can get up to a 50% discount on cases of Evolv Entourage and other products.

When a referred customer of an affiliate upgrades to SBP once they see the income potential, the referring free affiliate (not SBP upgraded) forfeits any personal and team sales generated by that now SBP customer each pay period until the free affiliate decides to upgrade their account. whether now or a year from now, they don't lose the referral, they lose the income only and referral structure stays intact.

Some people are actually happy simply participating in the affiliate aspect of Evolv, and refer customers passively. Refer 100 customers (not SBPs) by sharing your affiliate links and every time $2000+ in gross sales is generated in any given month collectively from combined customer purchases, it pays a generous $400+ bonus (20% of gross) on top of any commissions you may have earned from face-to-face retail sales!

Social Business Partners are free affiliates who upgraded their account to participate in the residual income and team-building aspect of the Evolv opportunity. The cost of upgrade is $40ish first year (29+ welcome kit shipping and taxes), and then $24.95 per year thereafter. This is non-commissionable as monies are only paid out when a product is sold. This is for data management.

Realize, visualize the amount of data processing, and overall man-hours it takes to calculate and distribute millions of dollars to 10s of 1000s of people, from purchase through the comp plan, and have it correctly be shared with upline via their ingenious pay plan. This small fee is to manage this.

The Free Affiliate portion of Evolv pay plan is a one level unilevel, meaning they can earn from directly referred customers only, and no other levels of sponsorship.

Each time a "backoffice" is generated, Evolv is charged $15 by the 3rd party data management company tasked to track our team sales, and creatively leverage customer volume into a killer opportunity, while abiding to the rules and regulations set forth by the FTC -Federal Trade Commission for the operation of MLM comapnies. This is very expensive to do. We as affiliates get charged $29 (+ welcome kit shipping and tax) $40ish for 1st year, and $24.95 per year thereafter, to cover this expense. Pennies for anyone who is serious about building a livable residual income.

Once the free affiliate upgrades to SBP, they can then participate in both the affiliate portion of Evolv pay plan, as well as the residual income team building network marketing aspect as well!

Team Builder is the status you want to strive for within the first 28 days of joining Evolv. That is where the money is at. Team Builder is an arbitrary guaranteed bonus incentive to spark quick growth and generate momentum, product loyalty, general excitement really, while getting you into significant profit in the shortest amount of time.

It is a SBP upgraded affiliate with a Team Builder Kit purchase within first 28 days.

Product experience and shareability are the top benefits of starting your Evolv business as a Team Builder with a Team Builder pack purchase. Next, is setting an example by doing what you want your referrals to do, first. There is little integrity in asking your team members to do something you haven't done yourself, and even if you don't have the resources to begin as a team builder, then be an example of consistent referring and unconditional support for your team. Whatever you do, do not freeze to inaction simply because you didn't reach this goal. By merely giving it a good shot, priceless lessons can be learned that will make you a better networker. Remember, this game is won over the long-term, not within your first 28 days.

Guaranteed No-Brainer Bonus that doubles your Team Builder Kit (TBK) startup cost!

The guaranteed bonus works like this; When you reach 5K in gross sales within your first 28 days, and you started out as a Team Builder, you earn $250 at the 2K mark, $500 at the 5K mark and when reached within 28 days, it extends your guaranteed bonus of $1000 when reaching $10K to 84 total days! Total in bonuses = $1750 (+ enrollment team pay).

Without Team Builder status, Evolv still pays out a guaranteed bonus of $100 at 2K, $200 at 5K, and $300 at 10K in sales regardless of time limit. $600 total guaranteed bonus. A difference of $1150 advancing as a Team Builder and meeting goals within the time frames, and without that status and no time limit.

I absolutely love these guaranteed bonuses as with today's cost of opening a traditional business can be astronomical, into the six and seven figures, Evolv offers an extraordinary opportunity with magnificent products and no income ceiling.

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