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I'm promoting through traffic exchanges and mailers, and people are joining the traffic programs. How do I create a residual income with Evolv and make money from this?
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Continuous growth. Such is the power of free. Since there is no barrier for participation, theoretically, your customer network in Evolv could expand indefinitely. No monthly fees, and when a sale occurs of their amazing product line from customers that you refer, you get paid. To create an expanding customer base where commissions are generated, consistent referring is the key.

My average referral rate was a mere 1.2 "free members" per day to my first free hemp CBD oil affiliate opportunity, or 1000 personal referrals after 720 days (2 years) and then I hit 5-figures monthly in residual income, very close to 5-figures weekly!

Consistency is the difference. Signups came at a rate of 1 in 1200 to 1500 views via exchanges and mailers. Doesn't sound like a lot, and it isn't. I worked hard at generating 2500 to 3000 (sometimes more) views *daily* in exchanges and mailers to achieve that day in and day out. Are you willing to work that hard for your biz?

CyberWheelers generates leads when someone joins on a quest for traffic. Their email is in the members area, and by joining, they understand that referrer may add them to their mailing list. Say hi, share what you like about CyberWheelers with them, and keep referring. Leaders will rise over time. That is why we move on and keep referring.

HeartAffiliates which is where you would enter your EVOLV ID, generates leads when they join. Same thing applies. Welcome them, share what you like about HeartAffiliates & Evolv, invite to weekly training, move on and refer more.

BionicHits generates leads when someone joins on a quest for traffic as well. Welcome them, share what you like about BionicHits, recommend CyberWheelers to them, move on and refer more. With BionicHits, because it is generally an international program (so is CyberWheelers), recommend that over doing a pitch for your biz. They are a traffic lead, so share a traffic program with them. Passively, they will learn about HeartAffiliates and how it is only open to USA and Canada residents. Doesn't matter because they joined BionicHits for traffic.

Step back, look at the big picture....

Network Marketing is relationship building. Evolv is a network marketing company. The activities outlined here are points of contact that allow for a rapport to naturally form. By reaching out, they know that they have an active sponsor that is currently building. When they reach out to you, you have a potential customer and team leader.

The advertising struggle is constant in business ownership, online as well as offline. Other opportunities are way harder to get any activity out of. Evolv really is on the cutting edge. Although "free" works to get referrals and leads, paid promotion magnifies your results and moves the biz forward much, much faster.

If I were just starting, I would do three things...

First, join HeartAffiliates and add my EVOLV LINK ID into the HeartAffiliates downline builder.

Second, I would figure out my monthly promotional budget, and order 150 clicks and above, ideally every two weeks. I would get a part-time job to fund this if I had to (to avoid doing it on credit) until it is self-funding. While this is being set up to go live, about 7 to 10 days, I would learn about Network Marketing in general, and study the work of a legendary professional like Eric Worre to sharpen my basic MLM skills. You can do this in the HeartAffiliates members area.

Third, as the Evolv/HeartAffiliates referrals came in, I'd call and introduce myself to new referrals, and organize them into a list using a contact manager system to make it efficiently for me to reach a lot of people any time via email broadcasting, and using those email broadcasts to a) invite to weekly training, b) to offer my availability for support, and c) share worthwhile company announcements.

Each person develops their own methods as they go through the trial and error process. My methods are different than my upline's, yet at the core it is the same... building relationships with our team members.

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